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What is Risk Assessed Care?

Risk Assessed Care (previously known as “Single-Handed Care”) is an enabling approach that has been adopted by all commissioned care at home providers and health and social work staff who work for Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership.

A wide variety of available equipment, technology and solutions will be identified and provided, to allow carers to continue to support you, but to also enable you to keep doing the things you can do for yourself.

This is sometimes referred to as a “step up/ step down” approach, ensuring that the care you receive is flexible.  Robust assessments are carried out on an individual basis to ensure the right care and support is in place, creating a bespoke care package for you.

Some of the benefits of Risk Assessed Care include:

• Promoting independence

• Promoting dignity & privacy

• Greater continuity of staff support

• Promoting self-esteem

• Giving more control back to you

What Does That Mean For Me, the Service User?

As a service user, you will remain at the heart of your care process.
We want you to continue to feel supported and included in any decision-making which involves your care.  


This means that any care, support and aids you receive are fully risk assessed, ensuring that your safety is central, while enabling you to maximise your independence.  With this approach, care may be delivered by one or more individuals and the frequency of this may be increased or decreased depending on your wellbeing at the time.

Our aim is that by implementing Risk Assessed Care, it will result in you having less restrictions on your living arrangements and encourage you to live your fullest life possible, with less potential for reliance on having to wait for care visits.  


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