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Please note that the following collection of resources have been sourced from a variety of agencies including, Health Protection Scotland, NHS Scotland and Public Health England guidance and were correct at the time of uploading.   Every effort shall be made to ensure that any updated resources are reflected on the website.


Before downloading, staff are reminded to check that the resources provided below, are compatible with their own organisational policies and procedures. 

PPE Resources

istockphoto-871775168-170667a (1).jpg

Latest Donning and Doffing of PPE

uploaded: 06/12/21

uploaded: 17/04/20

Click on any of the resources below to access a downloadable version


Droplet Isolation Precautions

uploaded: 21/05/20


Social Distancing

uploaded: 23/04/20

bac ppe.PNG

Barton Face Mask Fitting Instructions

uploaded: 16/04/20

Putting On & Removal of PPE

uploaded: 17/04/20

Skincare Briefing

uploaded: 23/04/20


PPE guide 

uploaded: 09/04/20

body fluids.PNG

Management of Body Fluids 

uploaded: 09/04/20

PPE community.PNG

PPE in Community 

uploaded: 09/04/20

ppe recommendations.PNG

PPE Recommendations for Clinical Staff

uploaded: 09/04/20

additional considerations.PNG

Additional Considerations

uploaded: 09/04/20

recommendations for primary care.PNG

PPE Recommendations for Community Staff

uploaded: 09/04/20

covid measures.PNG

UK Coronavirus Response PPT

uploaded: 09/04/20

hand rub.PNG

How to Hand Rub 

uploaded: 09/04/20


How to Hand Wash

uploaded: 09/04/20

To create a record that you have completed and understood the various online resources, you are advised to complete a Reflective Practice Form for each online course you undertake. 


This form will help to reinforce the main learning points whilst also identifying any further learning requirements you may have.  It is recommended that you discuss the completed form with your Line Manager and have them counter-sign it.  This form should then be retained by yourself and can be used as evidence for a course completion record, professional registration and SVQ evidence. 

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