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Are you about to leave school and not sure what you want to do?
Maybe your grades weren't what you hoped to get into College or Uni?
Considering a career in Health & Social care but don't know what to do now? 

A Modern Apprenticeship could be the next step on your career ladder.

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We are recruiting Modern Apprentices to work in Bon Accord Care  

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MA Open Day 2023 


A Bon Accord Care Modern Apprenticeship will give you:


  • Valuable insight, and experience, kick-starting your career in health and social care.

  • Experience that will make your CV stand head & shoulders above the rest.

  • Opportunity to learn real-life skills while you work towards a national qualification that’s accredited by the SQA.

  • Access to permanent employment within Bon Accord Care, once you complete your MA programme. 

  • But best of all, you get paid while you learn!

As long as you’re aged 16 or over, a Bon Accord Care Modern Apprenticeship could be the right fit for you.


We get it. Filling out applications and making decisions about your future can be intimidating.  So why not reach out to us and we will give you all the help you need to get you started. 

Click on the icon to find out more about our Foundation Apprenticeship Programme 

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