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Please note that the information on this website is correct at the time of uploading and is meant as guidance only.  Staff should always refer and follow Partnership guidelines and their own organisation's work instructions and policies.

Administration of Medicines 

Click on any of the links below to open the information.  There are also further videos to support your learning for each module and these can be opened by clicking on the icon.


  When you see this symbol on a slide, it means that there is also narration which will start automatically, so please ensure your volume is on.


How to administer medicines


Assisting with medicines

Applying topical medicines


How NOT to administer medicines


Prompting with medicines


Administering eye drops


Aberdeen Health and Social Care Partnership Medication Support Service Guidance for Adult Services

To create a record that you have completed and understood the various online resources, you are advised to complete a Reflective Practice Form for each online course you undertake. 


This form will help to reinforce the main learning points whilst also identifying any further learning requirements you may have.  It is recommended that you discuss the completed form with your Line Manager and have them counter-sign it.  This form should then be retained by yourself and can be used as evidence for a course completion record, professional registration and SVQ evidence. 

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Consent & Capcity


Outcome Focused Customer Care

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