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Please note that the information on this website is correct at the time of uploading and is meant as guidance only.  Staff should always refer and follow national guidelines and their own organisation's work instructions and policies.

Staff Onboarding

The awareness packages linked below are intended as a 'starting point' for staff onboarding into new and unfamiliar roles within social care.   

The catalogue of suggested onboarding resources are based on organisational and statutory recommendations.  All users should check with their respective line managers and organisations to ensure that they have covered all their essential training requirements. 

It is anticipated that staff may require additional study, reading, development, supervision and competency checks in line with their own organisation's policies and procedures.  

An Introduction to Onboarding


Category 1: Mandatory Safe & Legal Resources

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Infection Control

Infection control principles to keep service users and staff safe.

(5 mins)

Food Safety

Information on good practice in the kitchen, food preparation and minimising the risk of contamination.

(10 mins)

Fire Safety

Fire prevention, staff actions and responsibilities.

(25 mins)

Health & Safety

Keeping staff and service users safe in the workplace.

(20 mins)

Moving & Handling

Safe moving and handling techiniques.

(35 mins)

Statutory Resources


Consent & Capacity

Information on consent, capacity and legal guardianship.

(15 mins)

Outcome Focused Customer Care

Making services customer led.

(30 mins)
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Careers in Care

Information and discussion points for those staff new to working in care.


Adult Support & Protection

Information on what is  harm, the legislation and what to do if abuse is suspected.

(20 mins)

Child Protection

Safeguarding information, an introduction to GIRFEC and what actions to take if abuse is suspected. 

(15 mins)

Statutory Resources

HSC standards icon.PNG

New Care Standards

Health and Social Care Standards set out what we should expect when using health, social care services in Scotland.


Statutory Updates




responsibilties for staff and employers.


Codes of Practice

Codes of Practice set out the behaviours and values expected of social care workers and their employers.

Updates from the SSSC and Care Inspectorate.

Onboarding is a critical element of preparing for a new role.   To create a record that you have completed and understood the various online resources, you are advised to complete a Reflective Practice Form for each online course you undertake. 


This form will help to reinforce the main learning points whilst also identifying any further learning requirements you may have.  It is recommended that you discuss the completed form with your Line Manager and have them counter-sign it.  This form should then be retained by yourself and can be used as evidence for a course completion record, professional registration and SVQ evidence. 

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